Craft Your Dream Yard

Discover simplicity in our four-step design process, shaping your dream yard effortlessly, no matter your location or current outdoor space.


Initiate the process with a conversation centered on inspiration, your design preferences, and the intended use of your upcoming yard. We employ patented measuring equipment to gather precise area and slope details during mapping and measurements, ensuring accuracy. This meticulous approach lets us craft a detailed 3D design tailored to your yard.

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After creating the initial concept for your yard, we'll provide you with a 3D video walkthrough. Take your time to explore the design at your convenience and share your valuable feedback with us.

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Once the details are confirmed, we share your completed design. Following that, we prepare everything for a seamless handoff to your contractor, ensuring a smooth transition.

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In conclusion, we provide the concept documents to both you and your contractor, enabling the groundbreaking for your new design.

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What comes with my design package?

Our team will craft a replica mirroring your home and its outdoor surroundings capturing every detail from the structure of your house to the arrangement of your garden and any outdoor amenities.

2D Hardscape Plan; Illustrating the layout of areas such as pathways, driveways, or patios.

Planting Plan: Showing the placement of plants, trees, and shrubs in your yard to help you envision your landscaping.

3D Render Images: Delivering realistic and high-quality visuals to give you a vivid depiction of how your outdoor space will appear once completed.

Video walkthrough of your concept design; Alongside images, you'll be provided with a video tour allowing you to virtually explore your new design, from different perspectives.

Outdoor Lighting Plan; Detailing the positioning and types of outdoor lighting fixtures to ensure that your space is well-lit and welcoming during hours.

CAD Plans: We will provide you and your contractor with a set of CAD files containing all the drawings.

You will also receive benefits from our Outdoor Living Pro Partners.

How does the process work?

Our simple four-step process.

Phase 1: Discovery

Discuss what inspires you, your preferred design style, and how you imagine utilizing your future yard.

Phase 2: Design

Create the layout and features for your new yard.

Phase 3: Finalize

Refine all the specifics and unique design elements of your future yard.

Phase 4: Build

Transition from our design team to your construction team for implementation.

What is "the Pro Network"?

When we help you design your perfect outdoor space, you also get access to our network of the best contractors in the world. We made this network to make it easy for you to choose a reliable team to build your yard. If you've had bad experiences with contractors before, don't worry! We'll help you find skilled and trustworthy contractors for your project, so you can relax and enjoy your new dream yard.

Do I need someone to come to my property for an estimate?

Not really! Since we design for people all over the world, our process is set up to be done online. But if you're in the Dallas Fort Worth area or Hawaii, we can arrange for one of our designers to visit your property.

I live in _______. Can I still get a design for my home?

Absolutely! Our design services are available worldwide.
No matter if you're in Paris or Tokyo, Sydney or London, Los Angeles or Miami, as long as you can video chat, we can create a design for your outdoor space.

Will my designs be construction-ready?

Landscape designs from are an excellent tool for communicating your vision to your landscape contractor. Our design plans are conceptual, and your landscape contractor will make any final construction or installation decisions on-site. However, we always design with the final product in mind, and in most cases, the designs closely resemble the final construction.

Do you work with all property sizes?

Our design packages cater to various property sizes, from rooftop spaces to sprawling 20-acre resorts. Whether you have a small area or a vast expanse, we've got you covered.

How long does it take to get my design?  

Once our design team has all the necessary information, design packages are typically delivered within 3-4 weeks, with an extra week allocated for revisions. Please note that timelines may be slightly extended during holidays or our peak season.

What is a property survey and do I need one?

A property survey is like a map that shows where your property ends and where your house and other big things are on it. If your property is bigger than 1 acre, we need a survey to design. If it's smaller, we don't need one, but it's a good idea to have it because our plans fit your property better. If anything was done to your house before, the local building department might have a copy of the survey.

What should I expect from my video call with our design team?

It will be a friendly chat! We'll ask about you, your home, your style, how you use your indoor and outdoor spaces, and what you want for your project. If possible, we like to use video chat so you can show us around your yard.

Can I make changes to my plan?

Yes, you can! Each design package includes five rounds of revisions. We're dedicated to giving you a design that you'll truly adore. We've found that after five rounds of revisions, everyone is completely happy with the results.