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If you’ve been shopping for any length of time for outdoor heating accessories then you’ve surely come across chimineas. These traditional fireplaces have been popular for years – many people don’t even use them for fires, they just have them as a decorative accent on their patio. And when you see all the designs available, you’ll probably want one too!

Chimineas are great because they don’t take up a lot of space. Since they’re tall rather than wide, you can put them in the corner of your patio or even fit a small one on an apartment balcony. They’re also a very safe way to enjoy a fire because most models have a gate at the mouth or a screened body to keep any stray sparks from jumping out. And with the vented design there’s no smoke blowing in you or your guest’s faces – it all goes straight up and out the top.

And no matter what the theme of your outdoor living space is, you can find a chiminea for it at We’ve got models with designs that include everything from butterflies to hummingbirds to roses, and we’ve also got some with solid color finishes if you prefer a more conservative look. Whatever you like, we’ll help you find it so you can place an order and start enjoying yours ASAP.

Whether it’s for decoration or to keep warm during those cool fall evenings, our chimineas fit the bill for every need. They’re fun, functional, and offer a timeless look to any outdoor setting. And before we go, don’t forget the accessories! We’ve got floor pads, log grates, covers – everything you need to get the most out of your chiminea. Just check out our Fire Pit Accessories category to see for yourself!