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Whether you’re looking for a pump kit or a fountain cleaner for your precious fountain, or an affordable fountain kit for creating a cute water feature in your backyard, you will find it at We have a variety of fountain kits specially designed to meet your indoor or outdoor requirements. They are perfect for creating a beautiful setting right in your garden amidst a bunch of beautiful flowers, or for bringing out the hidden beauty of your balcony. If you would like to create a fountain yourself using your favorite container, the Smart Solar Fountain Kit is an ideal option. Our fountain kits are not only easy to assemble and use, but also very much affordable. You can own a cute little fountain just like that, without spending a huge amount on it. In case you already have a great looking fountain in your home and you would like to buy a replacement pump for it, we have that too. It’s no longer an issue because we have quality pump kits for your solar, bamboo and normal fountains. They are some of the best pumps available in the market today, and are presented in different power options to meet your requirements. If you constantly clean your fountain and would like to keep it fresh throughout the year, you could try out our fresh water clarifiers. That way you can keep your garden, pond or birdbath fountains safe and free of impurities for birds, fish and plants. Algaecides and scale inhibitors are other useful products that you can look out for. Not just fountain accessories, we have a visually pleasing array of fountains and other outdoor living accessories available online. Don’t forget to keep an eye for new arrivals and special offers.